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Industrial Air Filtration Systems Application

Juwei mist collectors supplier has experience with many types of industrial air filtration systems, we developed industrial mist collection systems with air filter functions that have been applied to a broad range of working environments, and we also have experience in OEM/ODM mist collection systems, providing customers with the best industrial oil mist collector solutions.

Mist Collection Systems Features

Juwei oil mist collector is an innovative industrial air filtration system that can solve some factory harmful air problems and achieve the purpose of purifying the air to ensure the health of workers.

  • Air purification technology provides filtration efficiency as high as 99.9%.

  • High efficiency, low noise and vibration.

  • Designed according to the 3D hitting principle that provides optimal oil mist interception to achieve 85% effect.

  • The collected oil mist does not need to be further filtrated and can be reused directly.

  • Turbo-type blade wheel features extra powerful centrifugal force and suction force, achieving exceptional oil throw away performance.

  • Equipped with a filter life gauge that enables the operator to replace the filter screen at the correct moment.

Global Dealers Wanted

Juwei as an oil mist collector supplier insists on doing our part for the earth, with the belief in sustainable environmental protection, actively expanding the global market, and the long-term cooperative relationship shows that we are worthy of trust and support. we are looking for partners. If you are interested in our industrial air filtration systems, please write to us to discuss distribution and agency cooperation! 

Continuous innovation, research and development, and keeping pace with the world and creating a win-win situation for corporate profit and earth environmental protection are Juwei's commitments. 

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Juwei Machinery is a professional mist collection supplier, we focus on designing and producing industrial air filtration systems, our industrial oil mist collectors & air cleaners are capable of thoroughly reducing oil mist and also offering a unique purification function that consumes less electricity while maximum oil mist suction performance.