Cartridge Filters
Legend of Filter Drum Configuration

The cartridge filter is one of the components of the oil mist collector. The cartridge filter provided by Juwei is composed of a cylindrical shell and adopts triple filtration:

Polyester Fiber at First Stage( For 300mm & 600mm cartridge filters)

It provides effective initial filtration by intercepting oil mist

Resin fiber at Second Stage (For 300mm cartridge filters)

Unlike conventional materials, this type of material not only effectively intercepts oil mist but also allows the adhered oil mist to condense into oil droplets and fall naturally. This achieves efficient collection of oil mist for re-use.

99% Glass Fiber at Second Stage (For 600mm cartridge filters)

The features of glass fiber are somewhat similar to the ones of resin fiber, but it still relies on imports due to cost factors and complicated production processes. Compared to resin fiber, glass fiber can intercept oil mist to condense it into oil droplets, It is also capable of capturing up to 99.99% of particulate matter, making the filtrated air harmless.

High-Efficiency HEPA Filter Material at Third Stage (For 300mm & 600mm cartridge filters)

After the oil mist has been filtrated by the fiber filter materials at the previous two stages, the final filtration process is then conducted by a high-efficiency HEPA filter material that removes the remaining oil mist and particulate matter.

Through the above triple filter, the cartridge filter can effectively capture oil mist and particles generated during metal processing and achieve recycling to ensure a high-quality air environment inside the factory.

It is important to select the correct type of cartridge filter for your specific application. Juwei provides the following two types of cartridge filters.

Applicable Environment:

300mm Cartridge Filters:

This type of cartridge filter is perfect for water-based cutting applications, When water moisture and oil mist are generated during machining, a 300mm cartridge filter is recommended.

600mm Cartridge Filters:

This type of cartridge filter is suitable for oil-based cutting fluid and heavy cutting applications. During the heavy machining process, if massive oil smoke is generated in addition to water moisture and oil mist, a 600mm cartridge filter should be applied.

Additionally, cartridge filters need to be cleaned and replaced periodically to ensure that the filter cartridges continue to function effectively over time.