Industrial Oil Mist Collector (JW-001-R)

JW-001-R is a type of industrial oil mist collector with high efficiency, low noise and vibration that provides over 99.9% oil mist collection and purification efficiency, a stainless net designed according to the 3D hitting principle that provides optimal oil mist interception effect, and turbo wheel features extra powerful centrifugal force wind suction force, achieving exceptional oil throw-away performance. 

The JW-001-R industrial mist collector the collected oil mist does not need to be further filtered and can be reused directly. Besides,  is also equipped with a filter screen life gauge that enables the operator to replace the filter screen at the correct moment.

The use of an industrial oil mist collector has the following benefits:

1. Harmful substances such as oil mist will be produced during mechanical processing, which will pollute the surrounding air. JW-001-R industrial oil mist collector can filter out these harmful substances and reduce air pollution.

2. The use of industrial mist collectors can reduce the risk of workers being exposed to oil mist for a long time, avoid causing respiratory diseases and other diseases, and protect their health. 

3. The industrial oil mist collector can reuse the recovered oil mist to reduce waste and energy consumption. Besides, filter out solid particles and impurities in the oil mist, reduce the wear and damage of mechanical equipment, and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Item Unit Specification
HP HP 1/2HP 0.37KW
Air flow m3/min 16
Air intake diameter m/m 125
Voltage V 220/380
Electric cuttent A 1.5/0.87
Cycle HZ 50/60
Speed R.P.M 2850/3500
Noise db 62
Weight kg 34

Juwei is a professional manufacturer of oil mist recovery and air purification filter systems. With years of accumulated experience in the industry, we continue to develop and improve the efficiency of oil mist recovery filtration systems, and developed a variety of oil mist collectors installed on CNC machines. Juwei has experience with many types of air filtration systems which have been applied to a broad range of working environments.

Juwei oil mist recovery and air purification systems are widely used in the mechanical processing and machine tool industry, semiconductor and electronics industriespetrochemical industrycatering industry and more. These quiet-running, low-volume, compact, energy-saving air purifiers can be easily installed directly onto existing machines. An oil mist collector can improve air quality and work efficiency in nearly any location where oil mist is present. The filter system is easy to disassemble for servicing and cleaning, reducing the cost of maintenance and consumables.

Juwei purifier (oil mist air cleaner) is equipped with a filter life indicator that clearly shows the correct time for filter replacement. On-time filter replacement will reduce power consumption and ensure efficient oil and dust removal for high-quality air purification. Juwei can provide customized color designs to create an Oil Mist Recovery Collection System with an attractive appearance that will enhance your company’s overall image.

If you want to save resources and protect the environment, you must not miss the JW-001-R industrial oil mist collector!