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What Are The Benefits of Oil Mist Collectors for CNC Machines?

1. Effectively reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Oil mist or oil fume is often released during metal processing, these substances will affect the internal parts of the CNC machine. The oil mist collector for CNC machines can effectively solve this problem, through CNC machine mist collectors remove particles and oil in the air, can reduce the damage to CNC machine parts reduce the cost of maintenance and downtime, and increase production efficiency.

2. Improve air quality, protect employees' health

Juwei provides oil mist collectors for CNC machines to adopt an innovative air filter system uniquely designed to remove oil mist and smoke from the air which collects up to 70% filtration and then returns pure air back into the working area to protect the health of employees.

CNC Machine Oil Mist Collectors Solutions

The oil mist collector provided by Juwei can be directly installed on the CNC machine so minimizing installation costs, highly stable filtration system is designed for maximum efficiency with low vibration and noise so it will not interfere with the operation of the machine it is attached to.