Chip Sludge Removal Machine

FOODIE Unit (Chip Sludge Sump Cleaner Machine)

  • Chip sludge removal machine is often named as a sump cleaner that has fast chips vacuuming, filtration, removing residuals with powerful capacity, etc feature.
  • Filtering more than a magnetic separator, non-magnetic chips, swarf, and grinding sludge will be filtered as well
  • Working in both water-soluble cutting oil and neat cutting oils to do filtrations
  • Turning manual cleaning time from 60 minutes to 5
  • Cleaning several coolant tanks in a factory with only one unit required

What is the advantage of a chip sludge removal machine?

  • When you use a chip sludge removal machine no downtime for your processing machine.
  • Zero consumables
  • Filtered release return happens with suction at the same time.
  • The chip removal machine adopts air-driven, no electrical plug is required that is lightweight, portable and mobile.
  • Vertically fast filter with self-dehydration of up to 90% efficiency
  • The chip/sludge removal machine adopts an air gun embedded, switch-type sheet metal cover which minimizes user maintenance reduces cost.
  • Optional filter mesh
  • 100% visible filtration process with a transparent filter lid